Solve your financial problems with a Lawsuit Cash Advance!

No Credit Check - No Employment Verification - No Application Fee - No Monthly Payments

  • Application Process Is Free

    Application Process Is Free

    It will cost you nothing to find out if you qualify with no risk for you.

  • No Up-Front Fees or Costs

    No Up-Front Fees or Costs

    We offer the lowest cost and most competitive rates within our industry.

  • $1,000 to over a $1,000,000

    $1,000 to over a $1,000,000

    Available depending upon merits of your case and you must have an attorney.

  • Get Cash You Need in as little as 24 hrs!

    Get Cash You Need in as little as 24 hrs!

    * The timing begins after your attorney has sent all the required information.

  • Repay us ONLY if you win

    Repay us ONLY if you win

    Repay us ONLY if you win your case. If you don't win you owe us NOTHING!

  • Easily Pre-Approved

    Easily Pre-Approved

    If you have a lawsuit and an attorney you're Pre-Approved

Need Cash Today Before Your Lawsuit Settles?

We can provide you with a Lawsuit Cash Advance in as little as 24* Hours!1-2

A Lawsuit Funding Cash Advance is a Fast and Easy process. If your attorney has filed a lawsuit you may need cash now. Before your lawsuit settles or goes to trial, Lawsuit Funding Loan will invest cash in your lawsuit on a contingency fee basis. All our lawsuit cash advances are Non-Recourse which means that if your lawsuit is not successful you pay us back nothing!

A Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance can help you stay away from financial catastrophe such as foreclosure, bankruptcy and an adverse credit report. Don’t settle for a smaller settlement amount because you are in need of money quickly. Apply for a lawsuit settlement loan today to tide you over so you can receive the final settlement you deserve!

  • Rates as low 1.99% a month
  • Non Recourse Advance
  • No Impact on Credit
  • No Renewel Polices Required

Fast and Professional Service at the Lowest Rates

Direct Legal Funding understands that there are many companies who want your business. For this reason we are proud of our prompt and professional service. We provide lawsuit funding in 24 hours. After contacting our firm, you usually receive their advance within 24 hours. We are always there for our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We know that our company is calling because a lawsuit loan needs today! We stop at nothing to make sure you get it! We also offer the lowest rates in the industry. Depending on the quality of your case, we offer lawsuit loans for just 2%.


The best thing about our Lawsuit Funding Program is that we offer lawsuit loans to our clients at NO RISK! Our legal finance is non-recourse which means that if you win a settlement you owe us nothing!

We Provide Lawsuit Loans On Cases When Other Companies Can’t!

With an underwriting staff with over 15 years experience, Direct Legal Funding is able to understand and feel very comfortable in lending litigation in cases that other companies simply can not. Our extensive legal training allows us to cover the cases of simple slip and fall

Testimonial From One Of Our Clients

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You are a regular person. You did everything you said you would do and you were QUICK. You will do extremely good in this business for that reason. I will endorse you to plenty of people and thanks to you I can live better now. I told my lawyer to send his other clients who need cash now. Thank you.
Christina Carr